To Oz? To Oz! Virtual Oz Event


To Oz? To Oz!

You can experience the fun of an Oz event from the safety of your home Aug. 14-16 at  The International Wizard of Oz Club, the Oz Museum and other Oz groups have teamed up to create a free weekend of virtual Oz for fans.  You’ll find tours, talks, demonstrations, performances, crafts, contests and more all designed to showcase the wide ranging interests of the Oz community. 


The Oz Museum will take visitors through museum exhibits, and to some of the Totos Around Town. Fr. Johnpaul Cafiero, whose family’s collection makes up a large part of the museum’s displays, will share his reflections on Oz as a Spiritual Journey. And “The Oz Winery Uncorked” offers a look at the Wamego winery’s retail store.


Other tours include the new Wizard of Oz sculpture installations in Holland, Michigan,
L. Frank Baum’s Chittenango, NY, birthplace, and Chicago’s Oz park. A presentation about Baum’s mother-in-law—the formidable suffrage leader and civil rights advocate Matilda Joslyn Gage—will be filmed in the parlor of the Gage house where the Baums married.


You can also learn to make stepping stones for an Oz theme in your own back yard, mix cocktails in Oz colors, and flip through a gallery of 130 Oz coloring books. There are interviews about The Wiz, Return to Oz, being inspired by Oz, and Oz comics. From make-your-own paper puppet to a presentations about Oz peanut butter and Shirley Temple, it’s just a terrific mix of everything Oz. Whether you are a collector, enjoy cosplay, or want to be swept away to the Castles of Oz, this event will be a dream come true.


Register and create your own user profile to enter contests, post your own comments and photos, and to interact with other participants. Registration is free and everyone is welcome.


 To Oz! is brought to you by:

  1. International Wizard of Oz Club
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  4. The Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation
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  6. OzCon International.
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  8. The Oz Vlog
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