Things to Do / See around Wamego, Kansas


Things to Do/See around Wamego, Kansas

Planning a trip is hard work, so why not make it a little easier and head on down the road to Wamego, KS! A small town feel with some big time fun and great activities for the whole family!

Whether you’re looking for something to keep your munchkins occupied or ride a twister into OZ; we have plenty to keep the adventure alive! Here are our top 6 things you’re sure to love on your travels.

 1. OZ Museum

With over 2,000 artifacts on display, the OZ Museum is a fantastic way to go in depth on everything OZ! Offering an experience that attracts visitors from all around the globe, the OZ Museum covers OZ history all the way from the earliest L. Frank Baum books to modern adaptations; an enchanting experience for all ages! Step back into Kansas with some OZsome collectibles in Auntie Em’s Gift Shop!

2. Yellow Brick Road

Off to see the Wonderful Wizard of OZ? We wouldn’t want you to miss your chance to skip down the path! Just across the street from the OZ Museum, lies the Yellow Brick Road. The path is just two blocks in length and ends right before Wamego’s Emerald City Playground! Want a sweet treat to end that journey? The Friendship House at the end of the Yellow Brick Road has you covered! Fresh cookies, breads, and pastries oh, my! Plus a marvelous home-cooked diner side to give you some savory lunch options!

3. Emerald City Playground

Are your munchkins needing to burn off some energy? Need to stretch your legs? Luckily for you, right at the end of the Yellow Brick Road lies the Emerald City Playground where there’s lots of room to play. The Emerald City Playground boasts three main areas to play for each member of the Lullaby League or Lollipop Guild, picnic tables for lunch, and the Aquatic Center for summer time fun. Venture along the walking path to see buildings from the 1800’s, the Wamego Historical Museum, Chicago World’s Fair statues, and even more!

4. Toto’s TacOZ!

Need a bite to eat after having so much fun? You can bet we have a place for you! Toto’s TacOZ is the place to be! A locally owned and operated business, offering West coast Cal-Mex flavors, fresh and delicious food using locally sourced beef from Hanner Ranch and cheese from the Alma Creamery! Even if meat isn’t your taste, OZsome vegetarian meals are available. Go take a bite and relax!

5. OZ Winery

Want a little drink when you get home to relax from your trip? Just down the road from the OZ Museum is the OZ Winery! A variety of hand-crafted wines are housed in this local family-friendly hotspot. Even if wine isn’t your thing, take a peek at their chocolates (local from Emporia), cheeses from the Alma Creamery and some OZsome merchandise!

6. Totos Around Town


One more thing before you leave town: find all the Totos! We have 18 Totos Around Town to show off our local talent and help make your experience truly OZsome! Each Toto features artwork from Kansas Artists on Toto statues located throughout our small town and all but 4 are located on or around our main street. Need a map? Just head over to the Wamego Chamber of Commerce or the OZ Museum to grab a map and begin your hunt!

More events happen annually in our small town, so be sure to check out the Visit Wamego website or Facebook page when planning your trip! Don’t forget our wonderful hotels: the Wamego Inn & Suites, Simmer Motel, and Victory Inn Bed and Breakfast for your overnight stays!


Article by Danielle Murphy


OZ Museum
511 Lincoln
Wamego, Kansas 66547

Toll Free: (866) 458-TOTO (8686)
Local: (785) 458-8686

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