Valentine’s Day Will Never Be Practical Until It Can Be Made Eventful.


Here at OZ, love is most definitely in the air, and we can’t help but think of how lucky we are to live in a world where there is The Wizard of Oz, a book and movie that we can effortlessly relate to our daily lives; even Valentine’s Day! Just like the Tin Man said, “a heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others,” and while all of us here at the OZ Museum revel in the Tin Man’s insight just as much as the next guy, we would also recommend that you use your heart to love as much as you can. So we took the initiative to put together a fun list of Oz-related activities that you and your family can do this V-Day to make it more eventful. 


1. Make these sweet macaroon treats.


Macarons aren’t the most common, bring-to-work, treats as opposed to cupcakes, cake, fruit bowls, etc. These would be the perfect snack to stand out in the office, or to control your sweet tooth at home. Have you met anyone who doesn't love macarons? Follow the link under the picture to learn how to make these delicious treats.


2. Let out your crafty-side and create your own Tin Man.


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Make this Tin Man to decorate your house for Valentine’s day this year and for years to come. This is the perfect craft to make with your friends or family, and let’s admit it, this is a really cute idea for your front porch.


3. Entertain yourself with Pin the Heart on the Tin Man!


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This would be such a great idea for a classroom activity or for game night. A simple and fun way to enjoy the “holiday” with anyone! Just make your own Tin Man and hearts out of paper, tape it up on the wall, bulletin board or your fridge, and play!


4. Shop gifts for your Oz-enthusiast.


We have what she’s looking for here at the OZ Museum, but if you can’t make it to Kansas, you’re still in luck. Shop online What you’ll expect to find on our website is… well, EVERYTHING. We have clothing items, jewelry, figurines, stuffed animals, kitchenware, and so much more. You just have to see it to believe it. And if you hurry, you can even get these in the mail before Valentine’s Day!


5. Prepare for the big night with fun nail designs.


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How fun are these OZ-inspired nails? Maybe even reverse them and have mostly red glitter nails with one blue and white plaid nail on each hand? Either way, these are sure to go with any outfit that you are planning to wear for your Valentine’s Day plans, and will make you stand out, anywhere.


 6. Two words: Glitter Heels!

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Here’s a fun blog with insight on how to get the perfect heels for really ANY dress-up occasion. Since it would be a rough time trying to get your hands on the original sequin slippers, we are offering a solution; make your own! After all, a little sparkle never hurt anyone. Follow the link under the picture to find out more about attaining your very own ruby-red slippers.


7. But what if you have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day? Well no worries, we have the answer to that, as well.


Hang one of these on your front door, and call it a night. Who needs all that lovey stuff, anyhow? Make one of your own, or shop at the OZ Museum gift shop to get on of ours.


We hope you have enjoyed our V-Day ideas! Share yours with us on our Facebook page.

Happy Valentines Day!


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